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Episode 12: Animamus Audio Hour featuring activist, writer and documentarian Alexis Clements.

Episode 11: Animamus Audio Hour featuring Brooklyn Spaces founder Oriana Leckert. 

Episode 10: Animamus Audio Hour featuring Revay Henneman, Jone Kane, and Kacey Stamats.

Episode 9: Animamus Audio Hour featuring Physical Computing and Cybernetics specialist Joel Murphy.

Episode 8: Animamus Audio Hour featuring author, poet and artist Mariette Papic*

Episode 7: Animamus Audio Hour featuring poet A. Emity Rowe.

Episode 6: Animamus Audio Hour featuring performance and multi-media artist Geraldo Mercado.

Episode 5:  Animamus Audio Hour featuring art activist Lutheran Pastor Ben McKelahan.*

Episode 4:  Animamus Audio Hour featuring graphic novelist Laura Lee Gulledge.

Episode 3:  Animamus Audio Hour featuring figurative painter Constance Edwards Scopelitis.*

Episode 2:  Animamus Audio Hour featuring social activist street artist Jesse Hazelip.

Episode 1:  Animamus Audio Hour featuring multi media artist Jason Aikira Somma, and Linden Renz.*


*guest appearance by Kurt McVey and his 5 minute News Hour.


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