Animamus Art Salon's second international residency, Sanctum Santorum, a month long residency featuring artists of various mediums, took place at Gallery Sensei, NYC, during July 2015.

Sanctum Sanctorum comes from the Latin phrase for “Holy of Holies”, a place held in the highest regard. 

Participating artists explored this theme in their practice via free public programming, performances, workshops and panel discussions. The theme, “Holy of Holies” successfully facilitated public discourse on the nature of human creativity as an essential component in the development of caring and capable communities.

Participating artists:

Eliu Almonte, John Bonafede, Nicole Brydson, Holly-Anne Buck, Leslie Claire, Lauren Elizabeth, Mars Gomes, Robert Goldkind, Robin Grearson, Julia Guzzio, Jessica Fairfax Hirst, Everett Kane, Jonathan Kopp, Michael Maeillo, Geraldo Mercado, Jane Oldfield, Jin-Kang Park, Social Health Performance Club, Anthony Rosado, Andy Spano, Christopher Stout, Teletextile, Ventiko, Molly Weiss and Brian Whiteley.





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